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New Trend Online Interaction

While rapidly adapting to new norms, Nexeet builds studios with XR Green technology and produces the formulas for making virtual meetings live in order to meet the changing needs of the event industry.
Its turns launches, corporate meetings, congresses, fairs, trainings, social and international gatherings into live broadcasts and virtual events.


Multiple Space, 'Inhouse' Service


Nexeet continues research to provide high-level experiences for its customers. In this context, it builds studios and provides all services under the same roof.

Nexeet Kozyatağı Studio

Nexeet’s first studio offers the opportunity to experience the expanded world with the latest technology. Our studio, where demo shooting can also be carried out for projects, also provides a cost advantage.

Nexeet Radisson Blu Studio

Our Radisson Blu studio, where all our technological infrastructure and corporate facilities can be presented at a higher level, is always ready for use.

Design & Technology

Meet with innovative concepts, our creative team developed, that grabs you in an expanded World with scenes beyond the line.

Content & Software

From the moment the project comes in Nexeet, innovative content specific to that project is created and it is made compact by integrating with Nexeet software.




Follow Digital Trends & Lead The Changes


Developing trends around the world show that cost flows and investments are now directed towords extended XR experiences. Both conventional agencies and new
start-ups renew and brand their projects in this context.


Priviliges Coming with Developing Technologies


Online gathering and all XR experiences provide important benefits for brands in terms of the savings it brings in the field, environmental awareness, technology-oriented perspective, developability, accessibility and general cost items.


More Practical And Efficient


Quickly adaptable software, uninterrupted conference experience, format-appropriate content and design, shorter assembly times, a system where the customer can achieve more efficiency with less effort.

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